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Welcome at DC Opportunities R&D!

We develop technology for DC microgrids and DC distribution grids.


We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise in the field of low voltage DC. If you are having a project where DC could be of interest, or are developing DC devices/appliances, we are ready to support you. In a first discussion we can determine together what scope of collaboration is most suitable.



We are actively involved in the research for DC microgrids and DC distribution grids. Some research projects can be found under projects.


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Internship or Master’s Thesis

If you are interested in doing an internship and/or master’s thesis on a topic related to DC microgrids respectively DC distribution grids, please contact Laurens Mackay: laurens.mackay(at)dc-opportunities.com

Topics of Special Interest

  • Solid State Protection
  • Grounding
  • Islanding
  • Meshed DC Grids
  • Bidirectional DC/DC Converters
  • USB Type-C with Power Delivery
  • Dynamic Pricing / Demand Response


Some technology is available for licensing.




Join our Team

3 Open Positions: Power Electronics Engineers

At DC Opportunities R&D we are working on developing technology for emerging DC microgrids and DC distribution grids for a wide variety of use cases. This includes rural electrification in developing countries but also electrical vehicle charging and industrial applications of DC and renewable energy. We have 3 open positions to fill with a suitable team of candidates with matching skills in power electronics, embedded systems and DC power system protection.

You will work on the design of DC/DC converters, solid-state protection and power flow control of DC microgrids. These components will be tested first in the lab but soon also in a demonstration site nearby in a real DC grid and eventually in the field. There will be plenty of opportunities to work on a wide variety of topics as we are still a small and dynamic start-up.

Send your application with a motivation letter and CV to laurens.mackay (at) dc-opportunities.com.


DC Opportunities was founded by Dr. Laurens Mackay in order to further develop technology and applications for DC microgrids and DC distribution grids.

He did his Bachelor and Master in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. In his master’s thesis, back in 2012, he started to work on DC distribution grids. He continued his research in that field at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands where he obtained his PhD degree in 2018.





DC Opportunities R&D BV
Molengraaffsingel 12
2629 JD Delft
The Netherlands

KvK-number: 69576769
VAT-number (BTW): NL857925404B01

Bank account (IBAN): NL08 TRIO 0338 7355 34

Visitors car parking on the roof of the building.


We are currently looking for full-time Power Electronics Engineers and Embedded Systems Engineers.

If you believe you should join our team at DC Opportunities R&D on the mission to develop the future power system, send an email with a motivation letter and CV to laurens.mackay (at) dc-opportunities.com.